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Plastering/Invisible Repairs


Skimming of walls and ceilings to a smooth polished finish, ready for painting or papering.


SuniDry-lining – plasterboard is applied to brickwork or stud walls or metal frame work. It can be skimmed with plaster or tape and jointed to a finish ready for decorating.


Damaged areas of old lath and plaster (period properties) can be cut back, sheeted in plasterboard and plastered to the same level as the existing area. Areas of damaged plasterboard in most modern properties can be cut back, replaced in plasterboard and Ames Taped. We take great pride in the fact that our repairs disappear once they are painted. Most new builds are Ames Taped which provides a quicker and less expensive process. Ames taping yields beautiful results, and is especially useful for example in attic conversions where there are lots of angles.





builders swindon
Plaster boarding/ Plastering over Artex/ Screeding/Coving


Plaster boarding - plaster board is applied o a wall or a ceiling to achieve a level flat finish. It’s then tapped and skimmed with plaster to a smooth flat finish.


Screeding – is the levelling of a floor surface using sand and cement screeds, self levelling screeds, to latex or rapid setting screeds.


Coving – decorative plaster moulds around the ceilings and top of walls in a house. They come in a wide range of choices, put up with the highest standard of craftsmanship by our staff for a fantastic finish


Artex was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Back then, it’s main purpose was to inexpensively cover a multitude of sins. Most people now loath it’s look. Unfortunately Artex can contain asbestos which is why we don’t advocate for its removal (see the HSE website for guidelines). The good news is that we can safely plaster over existing Artex surfaces. This is normally a two coat process to create a perfectly smooth and paintable finish. You’ll be delighted with the transformation.

builders swindon

Rendering – internal or external. Sand and cement is applied to exposed block work or brickwork. First a scratch coat, then a second coat is applied this coat is rubbed up to a   smooth finish ready for painting.


We also do monocouche; it’s a waterproof render, which comes in a range of colours, so no need for painting! External decorative through coloured render. Suitable for most types of surfaces. To find out more please speak to a member of our staff


This is a similar process to plastering. The main difference is we use sand and cement instead of plaster to create functional surfaces. We use this in areas where there is a lot of moisture, because cement repels moisture, for example in a  basement.